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Being More Consultative – Your Quickest Way to Get Called Back

Want to know the best way to get a prospect to call you back or respond to an email?

Communicate in simple language how your solution helps your prospect:

  • Improve or better execute their business strategy
  • Lower the risk of achieving their business strategy
  • Solve a problem that is impacting their business strategy

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Welcome to the ShadeTree Technology Sales Blog!

Photo: Cameron RandolphWelcome!

ShadeTree’s mission is to help sales professionals be more successful.

Over the coming months we will be discussing the following topics in more detail: 

  • Empowering salespeople to be more effective
  • Having better sales conversations for improved results
  • Equipping the salesforce with the right tools to be successful
  • Ways to optimize and simplify salesforce.com for sales results and measurement

Please accept our invitation to provide your thoughts and feedback as a contributor to this sales community.

We look forward to sharing our experience and learning from you.

Best Regards!

Cameron Randolph