Incite2 for Salesforce

What is Incite2?

Incite2 is a plug-in for that simplifies the use of CRM and helps sales professionals make more calls and have better conversations. Incite2 combines Salesforce information with sales-ready messaging and other sales tools to create a single place for sales professionals to work.

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You’ve invested heavily in Salesforce, are you getting the most out your investment?

Incite2 enhances the value of Salesforce by pulling all the vital information from multiple screens and combining them. Single screen functionality simplifies CRM and enables more productivity. Intuitively designed with the high-performing sales person in mind, Incite2 gives users one-click access to granular details on each prospect and lead. Profiling prospects by role, the system provides specific insight as to the particular needs of a buyer, their interests and pain points.

Built-in Sales Tools

  • Individual Rep Dashboards
  • Call-down Lists
  • Qualification Questions
  • Duplicate and Coworker notification
  • Inline editing for activities
  • Conversation Starters and Voicemail Prompts
  • Recommended next steps for conversations
  • Tailored Email Templates based on Prospect Role

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Have everyone sell like your top performer.

It’s all about the conversation.  High-performing sales professionals are good at their jobs because they know how to talk to people and just what to say. They know the needs of different types of buyers and move them through the pipeline, successfully until closed. Incite2 provides the tools to effectively engage and converse with a variety of buyers and move calls to opportunities.

Incite2 goes way beyond native capabilities to support the entire calling process including; call preparation and research, prospect engagement, conversation and next step recording and team reporting.

Sales professionals use Incite2 to:

  • Increase the quantity & quality of dials per hour
  • Produce more conversations per total dials
  • Create a greater % of qualified Leads/Contacts
  • Increase renewals and add-ons

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