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WIIFM – What’s In It For Me – Your Secret Weapon to Getting Your Prospect’s Attention

Change.  Inevitable,  Constant.  Everyone’s talking about it.  Social media, the new (2.0) customer, the downsized organization – and how selling strategies need to change to adapt to today’s customer.

As sellers, I think we can all agree on a few things, today’s customers:

  • Are harder to get on the phone
  • Are less likely to respond to email
  • Can discover a lot more about us and our solutions than they used to be able to (because we help them)

Oh yeah… one other thing:

  • Our solutions and services are still relevant… helping improve and optimize our prospect’s businesses.  Read more

Results from ShadeTree’s Who To Call Survey

In October 2010 ShadeTree send out a survey request to sales vp’s and managers, inside sales managers and marketing vp’s and managers.  The short survey was focused on understanding how salespeople go about the job of prospecting:

  • Figuring out who to call
  • Where to find names
  • Building list / call queues
  • Related challenges

Key Findings:

  • Over 60% of salespeople report difficulty determining who to call
  • 82% of salespeople reported that better lead pipeline reporting would be valuable to them
  • 73% of salespeople have difficulty building call queues within their CRM system

Below are results from the survey.   Read more

Increasing Salespeople’s Ability to Know “Who To Call”

Let’s face it, most sales and marketing databases are a mess.  Salespeople struggle to make sense of thousands of leads and contacts assigned to them or their territory.

This impacts the salesperson most intensely when it comes to figuring out who they should call to be most productive in generating new business.

Potential leads originate from lots of places:

  • New leads
  • Recent campaigns, newsletters, emails
  • Scheduled tasks and activities
  • Web site traffic and download activity reports
  • Key accounts that are being focused on for new business
  • Current installed base / customers for upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Read more

Salespeople vs. Marketing Automation – Who wins the race for generating Qualified Leads?

If you are one of the companies investigating marketing automation systems then you are aware of their bold claims for generating leads.  And, they would be right.  There is much to love about the benefits of marketing automation systems.

They provide one of the foundational components for Marketing 2.0.  Amongst the highlights are these systems’ ability to:

  • Build an “intelligent”, multi-step campaign – using a prospect’s actions to direct him/her to the next content in a series of messages / events
  • Notify salespeople of activity – such as email opens, the fact that “prospect X” is on your web site… right now!
  • Score leads – based upon demographic data and activity – helping us know “who to call” or “who to nurture” Read more

Who to Call Dashboard Demonstration

The Who-to-Call Dashboard is designed to remove all the confusion about figuring out which list to use and which people to call.  The dashboard provides a single, world view of the database, personalized for each rep, to keep calling efforts focused and call queue management simple.  With the Incite2 Who-to-Call dashboard, sales reps can focus on calling their most important leads first, understand their queue of leads in each campaign and review their lead pipeline to better manage work efforts and results.  This will revolutionize how your salespeople manage leads and calling efforts.


Results from ShadeTree’s Prospecting Effectiveness Survey

In August 2010 ShadeTree Technology conducted a survey that included sales VP’s and managers, inside sales managers and marketing VP’s and managers.

Our short survey was focused on understanding how organizations are going about the business of prospecting.  Below we present the responses and analyze the results from the survey.

1) Does your organization have salespeople that spend the majority of their time making outbound calls to prospects?

Yes – 59%
No – 18% Read more