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Mastering Your Revenue Objectives – It’s Hard to Hit a Moving Target

What about Bob? We all know someone who goes through life with a rainbow overhead. He just does what feels right and makes his quota every month. Somehow, we all wish we could be like him. It would be such bliss, wouldn’t it? Just go out there and sell your socks off and live the life; carefree and bonus-bound. Park …

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Hope is not a Sales Strategy

The Traditional Sales “Strategy”: There’s a vicious cycle that plagues a lot of sales efforts today. It looks kind of like this: Caffeinate – Slug back 20 oz coffee and give yourself a pep-talk. Today is the day. Wing it – Work like a person on fire and hope “the flow” will just happen. Rejection – The flow didn’t happen. …

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Incite: to stir up or provoke to action