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The 5 Personalities of Call Reluctance (and How to Fix Them)

Instead of making calls, are your salespeople making excuses?  It might happen to even the best members of your sales team from time to time. According to research from Dudley & Goodson, about 40-percent of all career salespeople experience episodes of call reluctance that are serious enough to threaten their careers. But you can’t lump all the call reluctance into the …

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5 Deadly Sins of Voicemail Messages

By Jim Domanski The problem with the majority of voice mail messages is less the message… and more the message treatment. In telephone selling situations, communication occurs at two levels: the actual words (the logic) we use and the tone (the emotion) we employ. Study after study reveals that about 84% of your messages comes as a direct result of …

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To Leave or Not to Leave (a Voicemail Message)

The debate about whether to leave a voicemail message on a cold call is as old as voicemail itself. You all know that leaving a voicemail rarely results in a callback, no matter how great your technique. Statistics found on various sales web sites show a range of five- to ten-percent of voicemails are returned. So even if you are …

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