Can’t We Get More Time?

Salespeople today face a frustrating dilemma: There are too many balls to keep in the air and only so many hours a day to be making calls. A single meeting might cut into the time needed for 10 outbound calls. The prep time before a call to a C-level exec might eat up an hour or more. Fumbling through Salesforce to find the best target to call next can waste precious minutes.

Incite2 is a tool that enables sales professionals to truly have all the information they need at their fingertips in order to deliver information to a more qualified, targeted audience at up to 40% faster speeds. So while it can’t create more time in a day, it can make your time more productive and profitable.

When your sales team can discuss tailored benefits of their product or service, the prospect will be able to grasp the concept more quickly. At a more tactical level, Incite2 also saves time in Salesforce. It allows your sales team to work from a single screen to make and record a call without all the mouse clicks needed when using Salesforce alone. Prepare, engage and record all from one screen. Incite2 also helps save time by automating repetitive tasks like scripts and follow-up emails.

No, Incite2 can’t actually create more time in a day. But it really can make the time that your team does spend more productive and profitable.

Incite: to stir up or provoke to action