ShadeTree’s Incite2 – Fall 2010 Release – Product Spotlight – Who To Call Dashboard

In this series we detail the new capabilities in ShadeTree’s Incite2 product Fall 2010 release.

Incite2 helps salespeople make more calls and have better conversations – increasing sales results.

Feature Spotlight – Who to Call Dashboard

Incite2’s new dashboard provides a huge productivity breakthrough for users that make phone calls to prospects.

New Features:

  • Simplified, single page world-view of the database for salespeople:
    • Includes events, activities, campaign leads
  • Personalized workspace for each rep to organize all calling activities:
    • Quickly access the newest (unread) leads
    • Review leads from each campaign
    • Drill down into current lead status – called, voicemails, conversations, skipped
    • Simple selection to build call queues
  • Lead pipeline detailing current lead status
  • Calling performance management –  displays calls against goal (today, yesterday, this week, last week)

These new capabilities enable sales reps to:

  • Visually interact with their entire lead pipeline – to better manage work efforts and results
  • Prioritize phone calls by most important – removing confusion about who to call
  • Reduce time creating and managing lists
  • Simplify the entire calling process
    • Choose the entry point – activity, events, new leads, campaigns or pipeline stage – and begin calling
    • Get easier access to campaign leads and status – enabling more thorough, timely processing of campaign leads

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