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Being More Consultative – Your Quickest Way to Get Called Back

Want to know the best way to get a prospect to call you back or respond to an email?

Communicate in simple language how your solution helps your prospect:

  • Improve or better execute their business strategy
  • Lower the risk of achieving their business strategy
  • Solve a problem that is impacting their business strategy

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Generating More Revenue From Existing Accounts

The fastest way to generate revenue is to grow existing accounts.  Most organizations spend the lion’s share of their sales efforts looking for new-logo business; with token account management programs in place for existing customers.  Many times these account management programs are more focused on customer satisfaction than revenue enhancement.

The selling organization should involve top level managers and sales management in creating a strategy to be increasingly effective at growing revenues to existing organizations.  A “story” should be created that enables the selling organization to get existing customers interested and anxious to spend time investing in bettering their own business through directing more business to your organization.  Below are a few ideas to consider.  Read more