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Our Solution-Incite 2

Incite2 was designed by seasoned sales professionals to make the complicated process of sales much easier and simpler. See how Incite2 can help sales teams:

  1. Sales professionals have better conversations with quick access to sales-ready messaging and qualification questions.
  2. Reduce new hire ramp-up time by as much as 25% by putting reps in front of Incite2 right after they’ve started.
  3. Close more deals with structured qualification questions and opportunity close plans.


Why Sales Team Use Incite-2

Incite2 is packed with tools to help your sales team follow best-practices to improve results. Over 20 best practices – all designed to be customized to match your sales process and messaging.

  1. Streamlined sales console for quick prospect follow-up.
  2. Custom built management dashboards to match your team’s metrics.
  3. Dynamically display sales messaging based on prospect persona and marketing campaign.
  4. Build in your sales process to automatically suggest next steps after each conversation or voicemail.


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