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Incite2 is unique in the Salesforce application space by providing a well thought out mechanism for effectively managing and executing Account Management and Business Development activities. We provide learning and employee development using a SAAS delivery model and we count on Incite2 to ensure our clients and prospects understand our value proposition. Incite2 facilitates this by allowing us to target the right message to that person based on their position and their organization’s market space.

Bob Morrison

Director of Sales Operations, SumTotal

Incite2 is a critical piece of our sales arsenal. Bulldog Solutions depends on ground-breaking solutions like Incite2 to extend our competitive advantage over competitors and customer internal resources.

Rob Solomon

CEO, Bulldog Solution

I spend about 80% of my work day using Incite2. It saves me over one hour each and every day. Using Incite2’s call research functions, I can do deeper research, faster.

Carl Nielson

Inside Sales Agent, RareAgent

Incite2 allows me to analyze my teams’ results and provides me with greater granularity that I need. I know which reps are most productive, which hours of the day generate the best results and which campaigns are working and which ones aren’t.

Ann Fortier

Inside Sales Manager, Stratascope

Incite2 helps my team build a more predictable pipeline. Being able to customize our messaging to each of our different buyer-types helps us quickly resonate with buyer’s needs. This decreases the selling cycle and makes forecasts more accurate.

Kevin Kern

CEO of Innotas