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The Single Most Important Element of Sales (and No One is Talking About It)

Follow-up is what drives revenue at EVERY stage of the sales pipeline. Reps cannot close deals without following up on each and every opportunity. They cannot generate nor motivate these opportunities without following up on leads, no matter how ‘qualified’ they are. Taking these fundamental components as imperatives, you could therefore emphatically state that timely, relevant, and credible follow-up is …

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Bridging the Pipeline Chasm: 3 Essential Elements for Converting Leads to Closed Business

As sales leaders, we place a high degree of focus, energy, and resources on lead generation to keep our sales pipeline full, and of course, flowing steadily. And rightly so, we direct an equally high degree of these same assets toward the other end of the pipeline where – if all goes according to plan – we chalk opportunities up …

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To Leave or Not to Leave (a Voicemail Message)

The debate about whether to leave a voicemail message on a cold call is as old as voicemail itself. You all know that leaving a voicemail rarely results in a callback, no matter how great your technique. Statistics found on various sales web sites show a range of five- to ten-percent of voicemails are returned. So even if you are …

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Three Quick Tips for a Better Interaction

The next target name and title for your new B-team salesperson pops up on his screen. He takes a quick look at the company web site and then punches “dial”. His conversation starts the exact same way his last conversation did. He doesn’t have any context for how your company can help his target, instead using a “One Conversation Fits …

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Take the 90-Minute Calling Challenge – Improve 2011 Sales Results by 25% – Guaranteed

Lay the foundation for better sales performance in 2011 by taking the Incite2 Challenge. The Basics – Incite2 90-Minute Challenge Details Incite 2 is a plug-in for that helps your sales professionals: Make More Calls Have Better Conversations Know Who To Call More calls equals more qualified leads, equaling more revenues. 

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4 Simple Steps to Building a Perfect Escalator – Not Elevator – Speech

By Jim Domanski The trouble with a classic elevator speech is that in tele-sales no one has the time or the inclination to hear what you have to say. Communicating by phone is different than face to face where a suspect or a prospect will grant you a few more moments if only to be courteous. On the phone it …

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2011 Strategies for Improvement – Increase Call Volumes

Most sales organizations will have a goal of increasing the following in 2011: Number of qualified leads Number of opportunities in the pipeline Number of closed deals All of these goals have one thing in common – increasing current output levels.  There are many ways to arrive at making the gains in output – add more people, work longer, etc. …

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WIIFM – What’s In It For Me – Your Secret Weapon to Getting Your Prospect’s Attention

Change.  Inevitable,  Constant.  Everyone’s talking about it.  Social media, the new (2.0) customer, the downsized organization – and how selling strategies need to change to adapt to today’s customer. As sellers, I think we can all agree on a few things, today’s customers: Are harder to get on the phone Are less likely to respond to email Can discover a …

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Results from ShadeTree’s Who To Call Survey

In October 2010 ShadeTree send out a survey request to sales vp’s and managers, inside sales managers and marketing vp’s and managers.  The short survey was focused on understanding how salespeople go about the job of prospecting: Figuring out who to call Where to find names Building list / call queues Related challenges Key Findings: Over 60% of salespeople report …

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CSO Insights’ 17th annual Sales Performance Optimization assessment study

Please accept our invitation to contribute to one of the most remarkable surveys that we have ever used, contributed to and learned from:

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