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Accurate Report Card Drives Profit Up

I was always a good student.  I suppose it helped that I earned $2 for every “A” on my report card, but in truth, I really did like to see proof of my hard work.  My brother, on the other hand, didn’t give a whit about school, so on the day he brought home a report card with three F’s …

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Can’t We Get More Time?

Salespeople today face a frustrating dilemma: There are too many balls to keep in the air and only so many hours a day to be making calls. A single meeting might cut into the time needed for 10 outbound calls. The prep time before a call to a C-level exec might eat up an hour or more. Fumbling through Salesforce …

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Take the 90-Minute Calling Challenge – Improve 2011 Sales Results by 25% – Guaranteed

Lay the foundation for better sales performance in 2011 by taking the Incite2 Challenge. The Basics – Incite2 90-Minute Challenge Details Incite 2 is a plug-in for that helps your sales professionals: Make More Calls Have Better Conversations Know Who To Call More calls equals more qualified leads, equaling more revenues. 

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Increasing Salespeople’s Ability to Know “Who To Call”

Let’s face it, most sales and marketing databases are a mess.  Salespeople struggle to make sense of thousands of leads and contacts assigned to them or their territory. This impacts the salesperson most intensely when it comes to figuring out who they should call to be most productive in generating new business. Potential leads originate from lots of places: New …

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Incite: to stir up or provoke to action