For Sales Managers & Executives

Better Sales Management

Embed Your Best Practices

Maximize your investment in developing sales content and training materials by embedding it right next to the CRM data and other tools. 

  • Conversation Starters, Voicemails, and Emails that vary by buyer role and campaign
  • Hovers for handling objections, mentioning references, and other tips.
  • Qualification questions to ensure the team is capturing the right information.

Custom Management Dashboard

Every customer gets a custom Salesforce.com dashboard designed to show exactly the metrics that are needed to analyze Sales team results and predict future performance. Choose from a variety of proven metrics and one of our business analysts will build a dashboard to match.

For Sales Professionals

Incite2 was designed for sales professionals and has a host of tools to make sales faster and more effective.

Get More Done in Less Time

Incite2 has a number of tools designed to help Sales Professionals make the most of every minute, so they can spend less time navigating technology and more time talking to prospects and customers.

Incite2 Dashboard

The Incite2 tab is a single place where reps can go to see:

  1. What activities they have open.
  2. What people they need to follow-up with.
  3. How they’re doing against company goals.

After reviewing the dashboard, reps can click straight to a call-down list.

Call-Down Lists

Use the Incite2 Dashboard or Salesforce List Views to load prospects and customers into call-down list.

Stay focused by working down the list, only one click to advance to the next call.

Single Screen Console

  1. Prepare for a call by reviewing information from the Lead or Contact record, the activity timeline, related coworker or account information, and sales-ready messaging.
  2. Engage with the prospect using dynamic conversation starters and voicemails, then send pre-built follow-up emails.
  3. Record the results of the conversation and plan your next step. All from one screen.

Graphical Activity Timeline

Provide comprehensive, rapid understanding of prospect’s past activity.
Quickly review a prospect’s interest through campaigns, emails, and calls.
Use the filter to quickly view just the important information, such as Conversations or Notes.

Related Record Hovers

Support at-a-glance views of duplicates, related accounts, co- workers and opportunities.
Make Leads and Contacts easier to use – Duplicates and Coworkers show no matter which type you’re viewing.

One Click Search Functions

One click to search services such as LinkedIn, Hoovers, or Google.

Choose from a variety of pre-defined search services or work with a business analyst to build links for your tools.

Quickly Record Results

Use recommended actions to log a call, schedule a follow-up and open an email to send in one click.

Smart Dates allow you to quickly schedule follow-up by just typing in simple string such as “Next Thursday Call back”.

Inline editing on fields, activities, and qualification questions so you don’t have to leave the console.

Have Better Conversations

Conversations are happening everywhere – on the phone, in emails, on social networks. See some of the Incite2 tools helping to improve these conversations.

More Relevant Conversations Using Personas

Great sales professionals know that you speak differently to an executive than to a manager, but why rely on memory? Incite2 allows content to change depending on the type of person that you’re having a conversation with.

Questions – Dig Deeper in the Conversation

Help guide conversations and capture important information using Questions that are configured for your sales process.

Here are just a few ways people have used Questions:

  • Qualification Criteria
  • ROI Calculator
  • BANT Analysis
  • Opportunity Close Plans

Portable Incite2 Summaries

Take your information on the road – easily get summaries of any Lead, Contact, Account, or Opportunity.

  • Launch the summary for quick prospect and deal reviews.
  • Print out qualification questions for meetings.
  • Email PDF summaries to sales reps in the field.
  • Allow non-Incite2 users to see read-only summaries of notes and questions in Incite2.


Incite: to stir up or provoke to action