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Sales Managers

Running a sales team is hard. It requires continuous improvement, regular coaching, and predicting future results. Incite2 can help.

  • Better visibility into metrics that can measure and predict results.
  • Improved adoption of sales messaging by embedding it right next to the CRM data.
  • Embedded Sales Process recommendations ensure sales professionals are doing the right things.
  • Reduce ramp-up time for new hires by providing all the sales tools in one place.
Incite2 is a critical piece of our sales arsenal. Bulldog Solutions depends on ground-breaking solutions like Incite2 to extend our competitive advantage over competitors and customer internal resources.

Rob Solomon, CEO, Bulldog Solutionswww.bulldogsolutions.com

Sales Professional

Incite2 was built by Sales Professionals for Sales Professionals. Here are just some of the reasons why Sales Professionals ask their managers to use Incite2.

Incite2 Console
  • Streamlined console list means reps stay focused on the important items.
  • Recommended next steps make it easy to follow sales process and increase conversion rates.
  • Over 40 embedded best practices ensure that reps are doing the right thing without having to think about it.
  • Consistent, continuously improved sales content means reps know the right things to say at the right time.
I spend about 80% of my work day using Incite2. It saves me over one hour each and every day. Using Incite2’s call research functions, I can do deeper research, faster.

Carl Nielson, Inside Sales Agent, RareAgentwww.rareagent.co