Resolve to Increase Calling Performance by Up to 50%

Have you broken any of your resolutions yet? Get back on track with a proven way to do your job better. (That was one of your resolutions, right?) Incite2 from ShadeTree Technology is a tool that’s changing the way your sales force will use

Resolve to take charge:  You’ve heard complaints from your team for years about’s complexity. You’ve experienced the cumbersome clicks firsthand. You’ve seen numbers that are not confidence-building. You’ve had trouble getting an enterprise view of your department’s productivity. There is a way to take charge and do something about all these issues. Something straightforward. This isn’t a resolution to add one-hundred new products, open seventeen worldwide branches and surpass Apple in volume. This is a simple plug-in that will change the way your team sells, for the better.

Resolve to increase sales: Now where did you finish your fiscal year?  CSO Insights stated that less than 50-percent of sales teams met their quota last year. If you want to build on last year’s success or gain success this year, take a closer look at Incite2. This tool consolidates the screens your salespeople use from so everything they need is right in front of them. More calls (20-50% on average!). More details about each call. This automatically leads to better conversations. Which translates to what? More sales. With the changing landscape of sales, your people need to do more research than ever to make their conversations more targeted, meaningful and relevant. The way you keep track of all this information leads directly to how successful they’ll be when they do get a prospect on the line… or even when they leave a voicemail. Sure, technology can help them dial more numbers… but Incite2 ALSO makes each dial more relevant, meaningful and productive.

Resolve to make an investment in a proven product: Now, I wouldn’t ask you to make a resolution you couldn’t keep. That wouldn’t be fair. But Incite2 is proven. We’re out there right now making changes in the way companies like yours are doing business. With a free trial, what do you have to lose?

Incite: to stir up or provoke to action