ShadeTree’s Incite2 – Fall 2010 Release – Product Spotlight – Campaign Call Status & Overview

In this series we detail the new capabilities in ShadeTree’s Incite2 product Fall 2010 release.

Incite2 helps salespeople make more calls and have better conversations – increasing sales results.

Feature Spotlight – Campaign Call Status

Incite2’s new Campaign Call Status provides a simple and effective method of managing, tracking and reporting on sales follow-up efforts to campaigns… for both users and managers.

Campaign follow-up status can now be viewed and managed to avoid leads going stale or remaining ignored.

This new capability enhances your campaign ROI by ensuring that:

  • Leads are delivered to the right person
  • Salespeople don’t have to waste time looking for the campaign leads that they own
  • Campaign leads are processed by the sales team and dispositioned for the next step in a timely manner

As calls to campaign members are made, the call status is updated.  Users can then use this information to prioritize future calls.

In addition, managers and administrators can report on campaign follow-up.

Feature Spotlight – Campaign Overview & Messaging

To better align the sales and marketing team on campaign objectives, campaign managers can now prepare their reps for increased success in two ways.

First, a new Incite2 Campaign Overview capability has been added for campaign managers to provide a summary of the campaign to sales reps.

As a result, sales reps:

  • Are more knowledgeable about campaign goals
  • Can support the campaign objectives to higher levels of success

Second, we have added a link from the Campaign page directly to Incite2 Admin to enable Campaign Managers to quickly access Incite2’s Campaign Messages.

Incite2 is the only solution in the market supporting call prompts, voicemails and emails that are both buyer-specific and campaign specific…. enabling your reps to engage uniquely with your different buyer types for each campaign vs. using generic, one-size-fits-all messaging.

Incite2’s new campaign overview capability makes it easier to setup Campaign Messaging, which leads to higher conversion rates from Campaign follow-up activities.


Incite: to stir up or provoke to action