Being More Consultative – Your Quickest Way to Get Called Back

Want to know the best way to get a prospect to call you back or respond to an email?

Communicate in simple language how your solution helps your prospect:

  • Improve or better execute their business strategy
  • Lower the risk of achieving their business strategy
  • Solve a problem that is impacting their business strategy

Notice what is missing from the above statements?

If you guessed product features and functions, then you guessed right.

Similarly, anything to do with how well positioned your company is in the industry, how well regarded you are by the analysts and what awards your company has achieved are unwelcomed.

Each of these statements fail to speak to the primary motivation that a prospect has… WIIFM… “What’s In It For Me?”.


Key performance metrics / indicators are a perfect place to start a discussion.  What metrics are your prospects using to measure their business?  Successful sales organizations have studied their markets and understand how their solution affects their customer’s business.  The “results” or “impacts” that are derived from use of the selling organization’s solution should be as ingrained as a drill sergeant’s chant in the dialog of your sales organization.  Why?

These metrics form the basis of a business case (or reason why) a prospect will use to justify the purchase of your solution.

Ideas and Insights 

Prospects and existing customers place a high value on new ideas and insights.  Successful selling organizations use their intellectual capital to research, package and communicate how their solution can help their customer better run their business.

This approach is the defining characteristic of a consultative approach.  The beauty of this approach is that customers and prospects never get tired of this type of dialog with sales professionals.  Why?  Because it is all about them (WIIFM).


Formulate some statements to use in cold calls, voicemails and emails that complete the following sentence:

“[Your Company] is helping customers improve / achieve  / solve X,Y, and Z.”

What approaches are you using to be more consultative?

Incite: to stir up or provoke to action