Supercharge your Sales Team

Incite2 for Salesforce

Incite2 for Salesforce supercharges salesforce and provides real-time sales messaging to make all your sales professionals sell like your top performer.

  • Sales professionals make more calls and move more prospects forward.
  • Sales executives get visibility and coaching tools to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Marketing can ensure that Sales has relevant content for campaign follow-up.
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Single Screen Features

One place to go to complete open tasks, respond to inbound leads, and follow-up with customers and prospects of all types.

  • Individual Rep Dashboards
  • Graphical Activity Timeline
  • Call-Down Lists
  • Prospect-Specifc Conversation Starters, Voicemails and Emails
  • All Streamlined to be Fast & Efficient
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Incite2 Home Page

Watch the Demo

Watch a sales professional use Incite2 to:

  • Review Open Tasks
  • Work on a call-down list
  • Have conversations with prospects
  • Update an Opportunity Close Plan
  • and check results for the day.

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Incite2 from ShadeTree runs on top of and helps sales professionals quickly and effectively follow-up with prospects.

Our Solution – Incite2

Incite2 was designed by seasoned sales professionals to make the complicated process of sales much easier and simpler. See how Incite2 can help sales teams:

  • Sales professionals can make more calls using our streamlined sales console and fast preparation and recording tools.
  • Sales professionals have better conversations with quick access to sales-ready messaging and qualification questions.
  • Reduce new hire ramp-up time by as much as 25% by putting reps in front of Incite2 right after they’ve started.
  • Close more deals with structured qualification questions and opportunity close plans.

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Why Sales Teams Use Incite2

Incite2 is packed with tools to help your sales team follow best-practices to improve results. Over 20 best practices – all designed to be customized to match your sales process and messaging.

  • Streamlined sales console for quick prospect follow-up.
  • Custom built management dashboards to match your team’s metrics.
  • Dynamically display sales messaging based on prospect persona and marketing campaign.
  • Build in your sales process to automatically suggest next steps after each conversation or voicemail.

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View our Demo

Watch a sales professional use Incite2 to follow-up with some inbound leads.
We’ll show you some of the tools embedded in Incite2:

  • The Incite2 tab within Salesforce will show what to work on.
  • An Incite2 call-down list is used to quickly follow-up with a list of prospects.
  • Rapid research tools such as the graphical timeline and LinkedIn searches help speed up preparation for calls.
  • Conversation Starters and Voicemails with added references and objection handlers help engage with prospects.
  • Suggested Next steps help the sales professionals know what to do next.

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